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WSQ Develop Personal Effectiveness at Operations Level (Synchronous e-learning)

WSQ Communicate and Relate Effectively at the Workplace (Synchronous e-learning)

WSQ Apply Emotional Competence to Manage Self at Workplace (Synchronous e-learning)

WSQ Adapt to Change at Ops Level (Synchronous e-learning)

Food Safety Course Level 1

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Workshop for CEO/Top Management (bizSAFE Level 1) (Asynchronous)

Interact and Serve Food and Beverage Customers (SSF)

Coordinate Food and Beverage Service (SSF)

Service Leadership Level 1 (SFw) (Synchronous e-learning)

Service Planning and Implementation Level 1 (SFw) (Synchronous e-learning)

Develop a Risk Management Implementation Plan (Synchronous e-learning)