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Aligned with the Industry Transformation Map (ITM) 2025, Eduquest is Focusing our programmes on innovation and a greater focus on jobs and skills. We have created five academies to meet the emerging job roles and skills needs with a focus on the quality of the courses.

Eduquest Food Safety Academy

Food Safety And Hygiene Is Paramount For A Healthy Living.

Eduquest Culinary Arts and Baking Academy

Cultivate A Sustainable Career in Food Services.

Eduquest Core Skills Academy

An Arsenal Of Essential Soft Skills Critical For Career Success.

Eduquest Workplace Safety and Health Academy

Your Fortified Foundation for a Secure and Healthy Work Environment.

Eduquest Digital Skills Academy

Future-Ready Your Career.

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We design and deliver quality training to support corporate clients and discerning individuals seeking skills and competencies required for the jobs today and tomorrow.

We offer training programmes accredited by the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) which provide upgrading opportunities for individuals and enhancing productivity levels for organisations.

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