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Workplace Safety and Health for Food and Beverage Operations Level 2

The objective of the programme is to ensure that all employees in the food service sector are aware of the importance of workplace safety and are able to understand and comply with workplace safety

Elevating Customer Service Excellence in the Food Services Industry (Customer Service Excellence L1)

The Customer Service Excellence Level 1 course for the Food Services Sector aims to equip participants with essential skills such as effective communication, product knowledge, service recovery, an

Food and Beverage Equipment Maintenance (L2)

By the end of this course, learners will be able to:

Do basic upkeep of equipment, resulting in lower downtime and costs

Know how to do regular equipment servicing and maintenance

Food Waste Disposal and Reduction (L2)

By the end of this course the learner will be able to know:

About importance of Waste Disposal and Reduction and identify Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for it.

How to ide

Service Leadership Level 1 (SFw) (Synchronous e-learning)

This skill describes the ability to apply the knowledge and skills in demonstrating the organization’s service vision, and recognizing the role that one plays in contributing to the service v

WSQ Prepare All-Time Favourite Meat and Poultry Dishes

To apply the knowledge and skills in preparing meat and poultry