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Academic Board     

The main objective of the Academic Board of Eduquest International Institute is to provide a statement outlining the Institutes’ approach to safeguarding of academic standards and the assurance and enhancement of the quality of the student learning experience. Academic standards are concerned with the appropriateness of learning outcomes (aims, content and level) and curriculum, and the effectiveness of assessment (in relation to attainment of learning outcomes).Quality of learning experience refers to the ways in which we provide students with the best possible opportunity to meet the stated outcomes of their course and the academic standards of their intended award, through engaging in the activities provided.The Eduquest International Institute aims to ensure its processes operate efficiently and wherever possible avoid duplication and align with other quality assurance processes and requirements.

Duration of the term.

The members of the Academic Board will usually sit for a term of two year, with the option for renewal.

Examination Board     

The main objective of the Examination Board of Eduquest International Institute is to develop and implement rules, policies and procedures relating to examinations & assessments. The board responsibilities include but not limited to, by developing and implementing the processes for the following:

Duration of the term.

The members of the Examination Board will usually sit for a term of two year, with the option for renewal.

Senior Management & Board of Directors     

Idris Malim Sultan Malim

Meet Our CEO, Idris Malim Sultan Malim

Idris Malim is an ardent proponent of lifelong learning and a skilled and accomplished leader in Human Capital Development with over 25 years of experience in Continuing Education and Training. He has held various senior-level positions within Private Educational Institutions, where he has demonstrated strategic acumen and leadership capabilities.

A strong advocate of lifelong learning, Idris has earned a Master's Degree in Commerce and a Postgraduate Certificate in Lifelong Learning from the prestigious Institute of Education (UOL-UK). He also has an Honours Diploma in Software Technology and System Management complemented by a suite of Training & Assessment certifications, which reflect his commitment to professional development and excellence.

Idris thrives on challenges, leveraging his expertise to achieve organizational objectives while steadfastly upholding his commitment to social responsibility through active participation in voluntary initiatives. His unwavering dedication to empowering individuals and transforming the workforce into a talent powerhouse exemplifies his profound impact on the industry.

Mohamed Rabeek Ravuthar

Meet Our Managing Director, Mohamed Rabeek Ravuthar (Rafiq)**

At the helm of Eduquest's strategic journey stands Rafiq, our esteemed managing director, whose leadership has been pivotal in steering the institute toward excellence in technology and learning development. With a solid engineering background and 29 years of rich experience at multinational companies, Rafiq has masterfully blended innovation with strategy, propelling our mission forward and fostering remarkable growth.

Rafiq's ethos revolves around championing excellence. His commitment to maintaining high quality and compliance standards has been instrumental in underpinning Eduquest's operational success and profitability. His visionary approach is not confined to professional milestones; it is equally evident in his dedication to community service and advocacy for continuous learning.

Under Rafiq's engaging leadership, Eduquest has evolved into a collaborative powerhouse recognised for its culture of inclusivity and connectivity at every organisational level. His foresight has led to substantial strategic and fiscal advancements, integrating cutting-edge technology in education and optimising processes for maximum efficiency.

Rafiq's leadership transcends conventional boundaries, steering Eduquest towards a bright future and establishing the institute as a frontrunner in adopting educational innovations for global recognition. His passion, dedication, and innovative spirit continue to inspire those around him, making Eduquest a beacon of excellence in the Training and Education landscape.

Organisational Chart     

Our Team     

Aligned with the Industry Transformation Map (ITM) 2025, Eduquest is Focusing our programmes on innovation and a greater focus on jobs and skills. We have created five academies to meet the emerging job roles and skills needs with a focus on the quality of the courses.


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