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Western Cold Dish Preparation Level 1

Course Reference Number: TGS-2021002614

Course Objectives

Learners will learn about the tools and equipment, ingredients and techniques involved in the cooking of Western cold dishes such as preparing sauces, dressings and fillings for sandwiches, salads, hors d'oeuvres and canapés

Methods of Learning

Mini lectures with presentations to explain concepts and theories

Practical activities including demonstrations, hands-on practice and observation

Mutual sharing, discussion and feedback.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the programme, the learners will be able to:

Identify types of sauces, garnishes, condiments, herbs and spices used in Western cold dish preparation

Explain the functions, uses and/or characteristics of different types of kitchen tools, equipment, ingredients

Assemble kitchen tools, equipment and ingredients

Apply knife skills to prepare ingredients for Western cold dishes

Apply time and temperature control techniques to prepare fillings and cold sauces for Western cold dishes

Season dishes appropriately

Identify causes to prevent common faults in Western cold dishes preparation

Store ingredients and finished products correctly to prolong shelf life

Reinstate work station to keep work area clean

Who should attend

This programme is targeted for:

Existing cooks who would like to upskill and/or obtain a recognised certification

New hires without any prior experience

Matured students going through mid-career change and/or women back-to-work

Course Fee

Full Course fee before SSG funding
$449.40 (inclusive of GST)

Miscellaneous Fees

Make-up Session - $10.70 (inclusive of GST)

Appeal & Re-assessment - $21.40 (inclusive of GST)


2 Day(s) (16 Hrs)

Teacher : Students Ratio


Nett Fee (after SSG funding* and inclusive of GST) (Effective from 1 July 2020)

Funding Validity Period: 01 Mar 2021 to 28 Feb 2023

After 90% funding
(capped at $25/hr)
After 80% funding
(capped at $17/hr)
Applicable for :

- Singapore Citizens
- Aged 40 years and above

Company Sponsored #
- SMEs: Singapore Citizens /PRs
- Non-SMEs: Singapore Citizens aged 40 years and above
Applicable for :

- SingaporeCitizens/PRs
- Aged 21 years and above

Company Sponsored #
- Non-SMEs:
Singapore Citizens aged below 40 years/PRs

 #Absentee payroll support in addition to course fee funding available for company sponsored candidates.
 *Terms and conditions applies to all types of SSG fundings. More details at www.wsg.gov.sg