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Service Excellence Level 1 (SFw)

Course Reference Number: TGS-2019504708

Course Objectives

This skill describes the ability to apply the knowledge to go the extra mile in providing excellent service, which involves recognising a diverse range of customers and their needs and expectations, projecting a professional image, demonstrate the qualities of a service professional, creating a positive customer experience, and escalating areas of improvement that may enhance the customers’ experience.

Methods of Learning

Mini lectures with presentations to explain concepts and theories

Interactive activities including demonstrations

 Role-play and case study discussion with mutual sharing and feedback

Learning Outcomes

This skill describes the ability to apply the knowledge and skills in providing excellent service. At the end of the programme, learners should be able to:

 Recognize the diverse range of customers and their needs and expectations

 Project a professional image and persona

 Demonstrate the qualities and characteristics of a service professional when delivering go – the – extra – mile service

 Create a positive customer experience by offering customized and personalized service in accordance with organisation guidelines

 Escalate feedback on areas of improvement to enhance the customer experience

Who should attend

This programme is targeted for:

 Customer service personnel

 Front line service staff

Mode of Delivery

Classroom Training

Course Fee

Full Course fee before SSG funding
$374.50 (inclusive of GST)

Miscellaneous Fees

Make-up Session - $10.70 (inclusive of GST)

Appeal & Re-assessment - $21.40 (inclusive of GST)


2 Day(s) (16 Hrs)

Teacher : Students Ratio


Nett Fee (after SSG funding* and inclusive of GST) (Effective from 1 July 2020)

Funding Validity Period: 25 Nov 2019 to 24 Nov 2023

After 90% funding
(capped at $25/hr)
After 80% funding
(capped at $17/hr)
Applicable for :

- Singapore Citizens
- Aged 40 years and above

Company Sponsored #
- SMEs: Singapore Citizens /PRs
- Non-SMEs: Singapore Citizens aged 40 years and above
Applicable for :

- SingaporeCitizens/PRs
- Aged 21 years and above

Company Sponsored #
- Non-SMEs:
Singapore Citizens aged below 40 years/PRs

 #Absentee payroll support in addition to course fee funding available for company sponsored candidates.
 *Terms and conditions applies to all types of SSG fundings. More details at www.wsg.gov.sg