Technical Writing for Standard Operating Procedure for Quality Management System

Course Reference Number: EII - QUA 001

Course Objective

To have a basic understanding for the technical writing of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Quality Management System (QMS) in relations to ISO9001 Standard.

Course Outline

  Basic understanding of technical writing for SOP

  Terms and definitions used in QMS documentation

  Basic understanding of the requirements of QMS documentation

  Development of SOP in accordance to QMS requirements

  Flow of SOP within the QMS approval system

  Document review and final approval for SOP

  Implementation of SOP within the organization

For Whom

For those newly-appointed Management Representatives for quality management system (ISO9001), Quality Committee Members, newly-appointed quality representatives, quality specialists, Quality engineers, QEHS personnel, Quality personnel, Quality supervisors, technical specialists, administrators, those new to the quality management system etc.

Course Fee

$390.55 (inclusive of GST)


1 Day(s) (8 Hrs)