Introduction to Behavioral Based Safety

Course Reference Number: EII - OSH 016

Course Objective

To be able to gain basic knowledge of concepts and implementation of behavioural based safety (BBS) at workplace

Course Outline

  Understanding the tenets of behavioural based safety (BBS)

  Introduction to concepts of BBS

  “ABC” model in BBS principle

  Identification of unsafe acts at workplaces

  Implementation of BBS programme

  Monitoring parameters in BBS programme

  Challenges face1 in BBS in workplace implementation




For Whom

For those personnel involved in the workplace safety and health, implementers of BBS programme in workplaces , WSH Committee Members, Environmental, Safety & Health (EHS) Committee Members, newly-appointed WSH representatives, WSH specialists, Safety Engineers, QEHS personnel, WSH personnel, WSH supervisors, WSH Coordinators, WSH Officers, technical specialists, administrators, those new to the WSH & BBS landscape etc.

Course Fee

$406.60 (inclusive of GST)


1 Day(s) (8 Hrs)