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Culinary Adventure: Bamboo Biryani, Condiments, and Nutty Firnie

Course Overview

An innovative and captivating dish, has made its grand entrance onto Singapore's culinary scene with the efforts of our Culinary team and seasoned chefs. With its unique cooking method and vibrant flavors, Bamboo Biryani is poised to delight food enthusiasts and captivate taste buds. This serving method locks the flavor of the spices into the meat and rice. Before knocking the lamb briyani out of the bamboo trunk onto a plate.

Course Objectives

Through this hands-on experience, participants will learn to layer components for a flavourful special Bamboo Biryani, prepare the accompanying condiment Mint Chutney and the cooling Cucumber Raitha along with making a delightful dessert of Firni with nuts.


0.5 Day(s) (4 Hrs)

Methods of Learning

Brief lecture, show and tell, trainer demonstrations, hands-on practice, discussion and Q&A.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the programme, learners will be able to:

Prepare a Special Bamboo Biryani :
Participants will understand the art of layering different components of the Biryani within the bamboo stalk. They will learn how to create layers that enchance the flavors and textures, contributing to the overall culinary experience.

Prepare a Mint Chutney:
Participants will not only have a delicious Mint Chutney to enjoy but also a deeper understanding of culinary techniques, flavor combinations and the creative possibilities that come with making this condiment.

Prepare a Cucumber Based Raitha:
Introduced to the concept of raitha, a popular yogurt-based condiment in Indian cuisine. Participants will understand its role as a cooling accompaniment that complements a variety of dishes.

Create a Firnie with Nuts:
Experience the joy of indulging in their own creation, savoring the sweetness of the Firnie with Nuts and appreciating the effort that goes into making such a delightful dessert.


  • Wear Covered Shoes / Sneakers with socks
  • Wear Long / Full Pants
  • Have Clean, Short, Trimmed, Natural Nails (No nailpolish, gelish or artificial nails)
  • Tie up Medium / Long Hair neatly

Note : Trainees may be sent back to change their attire if they fail to meet the above requirements

Who Should attend

Anyone with a passion for food and enjoy exploring new and unique culinary experiences of Indian cuisine.

Course Fee

$152.60 (Incl. of 9% GST)

Registration Fee

A Registration Fee of $10.90 (Incl. of 9% GST) will be collected upon course registration, and It is non-refundable.
* In the event of any class cancellation by Eduquest, the Registration fee will be refunded

Miscellaneous Fees (Incl. of 9% GST)

Admin Fee for Absent and Reschedule: $32.70

Admin Fee for Make-up Session for Partial Absent, Appeal & Re-assessment: $54.50

Miscellaneous Fees refer to any non-compulsory fees which the trainees pay only when applicable. Such fees are normally collected by Eduquest when the need arises.

Fees indicated are per pax and not per proforma invoice or invoice.


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Course Fee $152.60 (Incl. of 9% GST)

This Course Includes:

Duration:  0.5 Day(s) (4 Hrs)

Language: English

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