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 I hereby declare that I fully understand and accept the following in complying with SSG funding Terms and conditions & Eduquest programme rules and regulations: 


✓ All the information given by me in this registration is true and correct. I understand that misrepresentation or omission is sufficient grounds for rejection of my application or withdrawal of any place which may be offered and that this withdrawal may take place at any stage during the course I undertake. I also authorize any investigation of the above information for the purpose of verification.

✓ The information collected in this form is for the use of course and funding related (if applicable) activities and/or to respective governing agencies /bodies/ organizations (SSG, CPE, etc). Eduquest International Institute Pte Ltd is committed on maintaining the confidentiality of the personal information and undertakes not to reveal applicant’s information to any 3rd party (other than the above stated), without prior consent of the applicant.

✓ I consent to participate in SSG conducted surveys as per SSG funding conditions.

✓ I have duly noted and understood the Personal Data Protection Policy

✓ I have duly noted and understood the Withdrawal / Re-scheduling / Refund policy