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Resilient Workplace Professional

Course Objectives

Resilient Workplace Professionals have a competitive edge in their careers and excel in their roles. They become confident, efficient, and skilled at handling workplace challenges while keeping themselves updated about the rapid technological advancements that would be impacting their performance at the workplace. Overall, this course is a valuable opportunity for individuals seeking to thrive in their professional lives.

Modules covered:
(1) WSQ Empowering Self Through Effective Problem-Solving Skills
(2) WSQ Mastering the Art of Collaboration at the Workplace
(3) EQI - SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace 2.0


6 Day(s) (44 Hrs)

Methods of Learning

To empower professionals from diverse industries with the essential knowledge and skills necessary for proficient problem-solving, mastery in workplace collaboration, and the application of sought-after digital skills within their respective work environments

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Resilient Workplace Professional course, participants will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to handle workplace challenges professionally and keep themselves updated with rapid technological advancements to become valuable assets as Resilient Professionals for their organization.

Who should attend

Professionals across various industries in Singapore who are looking to enhance their problem-solving, collaboration, and digital skills.
Employees at all levels who want to enhance their teamwork and collaboration, Individuals interested in upgrading their digital and soft skills.

Course Fee

$1417.00 (Incl. of 9% GST)

Registration Fee

A Registration Fee of $10.90 (Incl. of 9% GST) will be collected upon course registration, and It is non-refundable.
* In the event of any class cancellation by Eduquest, the Registration fee will be refunded

Miscellaneous Fees (Incl. of 9% GST)

Admin Fee for Absent and Reschedule: $32.70

Admin Fee for Make-up Session for Partial Absent, Appeal & Re-assessment: $54.50

Miscellaneous Fees refer to any non-compulsory fees which the trainees pay only when applicable. Such fees are normally collected by Eduquest when the need arises.

Fees indicated are per pax and not per proforma invoice or invoice.


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Course Fee $1417.00 (Incl. of 9% GST)

This Course Includes:

Duration:  6 Day(s) (44 Hrs)

Language: English

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