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Afternoon Tea Grazing Board

Course Objectives

The objective of this course is to guide participants in creating an elegant and delectable Afternoon Tea Grazing Board featuring Finger Sandwiches, Scones, Deviled Eggs, Mini Cheesecakes, and Chocolate Macarons. Through this course, participants will learn essential baking skills and techniques required to prepare these classic tea-time treats. They will develop an understanding of the art of presentation and the cultural significance of afternoon tea, enabling them to curate a visually appealing and flavorful grazing board that is perfect for sharing with guests.


0.5 Day(s) (4 Hrs)

Methods of Learning

Brief lecture, show and tell, trainer demonstrations, hands-on practice, discussion and Q&A.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

Craft Delightful Finger Sandwiches:

- Understand the importance of using fresh and high-quality ingredients for finger sandwiches.
- Gain the skills to cut and present finger sandwiches in appealing shapes and sizes.

Perfect Scone Preparation:

- Grasp the fundamentals of making light and flaky scones.
- Learn the importance of properly measuring and handling ingredients, such as flour and butter.
- Master scone shaping, baking, and achieving a golden-brown crust.

Create Elegant Deviled Eggs:

- Understand the techniques for boiling, peeling, and slicing eggs for a consistent appearance.
- Learn to make flavorful and creamy deviled egg fillings with various seasoning options.
- Explore creative garnishes and presentation styles for deviled eggs.

Master Mini Cheesecake Making:

- Learn to prepare and press crusts into mini cheesecake molds.
- Experiment with flavor variations and toppings to create an array of mini cheesecakes.

Craft Chocolate Macarons:

- Understand the essential components of macaron batter, including folding techniques and meringue preparation.
- Learn to pipe and bake consistent and well-formed macaron shells.
- Explore chocolate ganache fillings and assembling the macarons.

Assemble a Stunning Grazing Board:

- Combine the learned skills to create a visually appealing and balanced afternoon tea grazing board.
- Understand the principles of color coordination, texture variation, and arrangement for an eye-catching display.
- Incorporate decorative elements and serving tools to enhance the overall presentation.


  • Wear Covered Shoes / Sneakers with socks
  • Wear Long / Full Pants
  • Have Clean, Short, Trimmed, Natural Nails (No nailpolish, gelish or artificial nails)
  • Tie up Medium / Long Hair neatly

Note : Trainees may be sent back to change their attire if they fail to meet the above requirements

Who should attend

Those who are keen to learn how to prepare Afternoon tea treats

Course Fee

$98.10 (Incl. of 9% GST)

Registration Fee

A Registration Fee of $10.90 (Incl. of 9% GST) will be collected upon course registration, and It is non-refundable.
* In the event of any class cancellation by Eduquest, the Registration fee will be refunded

Miscellaneous Fees (Incl. of 9% GST)

Admin Fee for Absent and Reschedule: $32.70

Admin Fee for Make-up Session for Partial Absent, Appeal & Re-assessment: $54.50

Miscellaneous Fees refer to any non-compulsory fees which the trainees pay only when applicable. Such fees are normally collected by Eduquest when the need arises.

Fees indicated are per pax and not per proforma invoice or invoice.


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Course Fee $98.10 (Incl. of 9% GST)

This Course Includes:

Duration:  0.5 Day(s) (4 Hrs)

Language: English

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