Eduquest International Institute is a Registered Training Provider by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) to offer high quality, industry-relevant skills-based training programmes leading to the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ).

Since 2008, Eduquest has been upskilling and empowering Human Capital in acquiring a wide spectrum of relevant skills mastery required to be effective and to excel in their chosen field of work. As the world of work takes on the paradigm shift towards technological advances and globalisation, we at Eduquest strive to innovate and transform our course delivery to embrace a blended learning ecosystem that is engaging, effective, accessible and relevant to our local and international learner needs.

We design and deliver quality training to support corporate clients and discerning individuals seeking skills and competencies required for the jobs today and tomorrow. We offer training programmes accredited by the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) which provide upgrading opportunities for individuals and enhancing productivity levels for organisations.

Aligned with the Industry Transformation Map (ITM) 2025, Eduquest is Focusing our programmes on innovation and a greater focus on jobs and skills.

We have created five academies to meet the emerging job roles and skills needs with a focus on the quality of the courses.

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Food Safety And Hygiene Is Paramount For A Healthy Living.

Every consumer has the right to safe and good quality food. However, from time to time, you may hear from the news media that people get sick from consuming unsafe food. Such events are clear proof of lapses in a food business's commitment to food hygiene and safety that are crucial aspects to ensure food safety and prevent foodborne illnesses.

Eduquest has been supporting the food & beverage industry to provide better food safety assurance to consumers since 2008. With the impending implementation of the Safety Assurance for Food Establishments (SAFE) framework by the Singapore Food agency in 2023, we work with both retail and non-retail establishments, within the food and beverage industry, to prepare their nominated employees to become WSQ-certified Food Handlers and/or Food Hygiene Officers.


Full compliance to the SAFE framework will ensure that these businesses have an inherently strong food safety culture, leading to positive business growth and sustainability.


Cultivate A Sustainable Career in Food Services.

We are a preferred and reputable registered training provider in the field of Culinary Arts and Baking training that offers learning and upskilling opportunities for aspiring chefs and new entrants who want to develop a fulfilling career in the Food Service industry.

With the impending expansion of Sectoral Progressive Wages (PWs) to include food services in March 2023, there has never been a better time to be part of a fraternity which offers professional and personal development and growth in a highly sustainable food and beverage industry.



An Arsenal Of Essential Soft Skills Critical For Career Success.

With the increase of digitalisation and adoption of technology at the workplace, there has never been a more important time for individuals to develop their core skills to thrive in an era of rapid digital transformation and high-growth areas in the Green Economy and the Care Economy.

Demand for reskilling and upskilling of the workforce in Singapore is expected to increase as the nation continues its economic transformation. Soft skills such as Interpersonal communication, critical thinking, sense-making, problem-solving and collaboration are the in-demand core skills by employers today.



Eduquest Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Academy is an indispensable asset for businesses committed to fostering a safety-conscious culture in their workplace. Our training programs, tailored to promote secure work practices, minimize the likelihood of workplace accidents and injuries, and safeguard employees' well-being, are a significant component of the WSH Academy's offerings.

In addition to our training programs, we offer a range of other services such as safety audits and consultations. These resources can assist companies in recognizing and addressing potential workplace safety hazards, ensuring that they comply with both local and international safety regulations.

We are committed to partnering with businesses to help them create a more secure and healthier working environment.



Future-Ready Your Career.

The pace of digital evolution continues to accelerate in the world we work and live in today. Businesses are increasing their innovation-related investments to transform the experiences customers have with them. To support their shift to digitalization to create new revenue streams, our Digital Skills Academy offers in-demand courses in Information Technology, Digital Marketing, Cyber Security and more that open up endless career options in the digital space for individuals to seize new growth opportunities domestically and internationally.

Here at Eduquest, our team of qualified and industry-experienced IT trainers provide a holistic learning experience for future techs and engineers. Graduates from our specially curated training programmes enjoy the best of both worlds – they are equipped with work-ready technical skills


and empowered with essential soft skills (such as critical thinking, collaboration, sense-making and problem solving) – to future-proof their success in a manpower-lean and high technology work environment.

Individuals seeking to develop their digital skills to perform tech-lite roles, where existing jobs have evolved through digitalization and now require IT-related skills to perform new job functions and/or processes, will find the courses in our Digital Skills Academy relevant to their needs.


To be a leading lifelong learning partner shaping the workforce for the future economy in the ASEAN Region, India and the Middle East.


Our mission is to inspire, upskill and empower every learner – from individuals to enterprises and communities – to thrive through continual learning and building confidence in charting their own path.


Integrity :

Integrity is paramount in all our business and operational activities. We consider it our most prestigious and invaluable asset, as it has been our master key to earning the trust of our partners and clients.

Accountability :

Accountability is core to our work culture. We demonstrate dependability, ownership, and authenticity in our business conduct and commitments to our clients, partners, employees, and trainees.

Innovation :

We embrace and encourage our trainees to think critically and be analytical, so they can go out into the world as lifelong learners to solve the problems of the 21st Century - with our original and creative insights and ideas.

Sustainability :

We work toward an environmentally friendly and sustainable lifestyle. We consistently seek new ways to be more sustainable and to protect our environment. By doing more with less, we can leave a smaller environmental footprint, pass on a sustainable world to the next generation, and work more efficiently.

Empowerment :

The current competitive environment is growing more brutal - not just for corporations but for executives and entrepreneurs from different walks of life. Hence, the strategy to actualize our Vision lies at the heart of Empowerment — empowering Eduquest's Employees and Trainees from diverse backgrounds and achievements - by creating an optimistic and encouraging aura to conceive and seize opportunities.

Our USPs – We are different

SMEs :

We provide a solution to the F&B industry with a primary focus on Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in training, consultancy and manpower support.

Trainers / Adult Educators:

With years of Industry-specific knowledge and experience, Eduquest’s Certified Adult Educators are capable of rendering real knowledge shift. A mix of seasoned to young trainers who can multi-tasks jobs assigned to them.

Curriculum Development Capabilities:

We specifically design our training programmes to suit various organizational needs. After extensive research and analysis, Eduquest develops the course curriculum with relevant skills needed for the industry. To stay ahead of the curve, we monitor the effectiveness of the curriculum and training delivery - and rework to upgrade according to the industry requirements.

Technology Learning Capabilities:

Eduquest does not settle for “good enough”. Eduquest strives for continuous improvement, and aspires to mirror the same in the delivery of our courses. We engage our learners in blended course instruction encompassing both in-classroom facilitated learning as well as technology-enabled learning (synchronously and asynchronously).

Training Facilities:

We have fully equipped state-of-the-art learning facilities in multiple locations, easily accessed by public and private transportation.

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