Workshop for CEOs and top Management (bizSAFE Level 1)


Workplace Safety and Health (Risk Management) regulations came into operation on 1 Sep 2006. Under this new framework every employers, selfemployed persons and principals shall have the responsibility to conduct a risk assessment in relation to the safety and health risks posed to any person who may be affected by his/her undertaking in the workplace. Risk assessment and management is the key to reduce the risks at source.

Course Outline

To start the bizSAFE journey, an enterprise’s top management has to sign up for the bizSAFE workshop for CEO / Top Management. Upon successful completion of the workshop, the company can apply tothe WSH Council to be awarded with bizSAFE Level 1 status. This workshop aims to enable top management to lead and promote safety culture and policies in companies.





Learning Outcome

  Provide understanding of the WSH Act and its subsidiary regulations, Risk Management Regulations and Guidelines on Risk Management

  Introduce the concept of bizSAFE

  Enable top management to understand the role they play towards cultivating good safety culture in the workplace.

  Facilitate participants to prepare their own WSH policy

Who Should attend

This workshop is tailored for CEOs, Senior Management, Managing Directors, Directors & General Managers.


“Certificate in bizSAFE Workshop for Company CEO / Top Management (bizSAFE Level 1)” will be awarded to successful candidates.

Course Fee

$128.40 (inclusive of GST)


1 Day(s) (3 Hrs)