Committee for Private Education (CPE):

CPE is an agency under the SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) which oversees regulatory to promote best practice relating to private education under the Private Education Act.
The Private Education Act requires all private schools in Singapore to be registered with CPE and meet basic requirements on information disclosure, academic processes and corporate governance to raise standards in the private educatoin sector and it is known as Enhanced Education Framework (ERF).
For further information, please visit the SkillsFuture (SSG) website.– Information for PEIs and Students.

Standard PEI-Student Contract:

For all Full Qualitication courses offered by Eduquest, students will be provided with a Standard PEI-Student Contract which can be found in the CPE website.

The Standard PEI-Student contract is a legal binding document which clearly stated all the terms and conditions between PEI and the student (i.e the course details, qualification awarded, course fees and non-tuition fees, dispute resolution, refund policy)
All students are required to sign the Standards PEI-Student Contract before making any course fees payment.
A consent from parent or guardian is required for any students unders the age of 18 by signing in the respective provided space inside the PEI-Student contract.

Fee Protection Scheme (FPS):

Unders this scheme PEIs are required by CPE to protect unconsumed course fees paid by students should PEI close down. Eduquest is adopting to collect no more than two months of course fees in advance from our students. For more information on Fee Protection Scheme, please refer to below link:

Medical Insurance:

Eduquest does not purchase Medical Insurance for SG / PR as they already covered under Medishield life.